DOHA, Qatar – International experts in human trafficking and migrant smuggling are calling for expanded cross-sector involvement in order to protect the world’s most vulnerable from the exploitation of organized crime groups.
With such groups constantly innovating in their pursuit for low-risk, high profit margins, discussions during the 5th edition of the INTERPOL Global Trafficking in Human Beings and Smuggling of Migrants Conference will focus on the essential role both the public and private sector play in preventing, detecting, reporting, disrupting and ultimately prosecuting those responsible for crimes which have no borders, and no limits.
Participants will explore emerging trends such as trafficking for forced criminality including drug cultivation or pickpocketing. They will also focus on how the private sector is developing tools to help law enforcement in the disruption of trafficking and smuggling activities.
The two-day (6 and 7 December 2017) event, co-hosted by Qatar’s National Committee to Combat Human Trafficking, has gathered more than 300 experts from law enforcement, the public and private sectors, non-governmental and international organizations from 90 countries.

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