European Resource Centre for the prevention of human trafficking and other forms of exploitation – EURC was established in November 2013 in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Center was created in response to an increase in trafficking in the region and Europe, as well as other forms of child abuse and the need to combat and prevent these criminal activities on a global level. EURC is intended as a central research and information mechanism for local and international actors involved in the phenomenon of trafficking; forms, causes and changes in trends; Profile of victims; legislation; methods of identification and referral mechanisms; Practice reintegration; preventive and educational resources, including manuals and guidelines; statistics and best practices for action in combating human trafficking, as well as information related to other forms of exploitation and ways of prevention. At the same time, the EURC offers a unique tool for online check-trafficking cases through the web portal offers.EURC activities include the exchange of information, planning activities, networking, training and capacity building, development and distribution of information materials, to improve cooperation with government, non- governmental, local and international actors.

–   Assisting victims of human trafficking and illegal migration;
–   The European Centre for Civil Service – Franco Bettoli;
–   Reception center “Duje”;
–   Sponsoring children without one or both parents;
–   Solidarity economy and production – conditions for sustainability;
–   Preventing the abuse of children through information and communication technologies;
–   EMMAUS – International youth work camp;
–   Distribution of humanitarian aid;
–   Boarding accommodation for children in Potočari, Srebrenica;
–   Day care center for children in Potočari, Srebrenica;
–   Community services for the elderly;
–   Soup kitchen in Doboj;
–   Representation of homeless BiH;
–   Center for Children and Youth.