Successful prevention of human trafficking rests on dissemination of knowledge, exchange of experiences cooperation, and support

IFS-EMMAUS continuously works to enhance mechanisms to prevent and combat trafficking in human beings, and creates partnerships that contribute to faster and easier identification, reporting and prosecution of trafficking crimes.

During the two-day advanced training ToT workshops, organized in cooperation with the High Judicial Prosecutorial Council of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo Canton Ministry of Interior, and Sarajevo Canton Ministry of Education, Ms Amela Efendic, the manager of the European Resource Center for Trafficking and Other Exploitation ) will provide training on topics of trafficking in human beings in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the world, improving the identification and treatment of victims, and cooperation of institutions in national referral mechanism in BiH during the entire process of providing assistance to victims of this crime, especially children. This way, we ensure continous capacity building to fight human trafficking, but also an uniform approach to prevention of the trafficking crimes in our society.

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