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Cop accused of sex crimes against human trafficking victims

Officer was investigating an Eastern European gang that brought women to Israel for prostitution; is suspended from force

A police officer was arrested Wednesday after he was found to have had ...


Italian parents under house arrest for forcing 9-year-old into prostitution

The parents of a nine-year-old girl have been placed under house arrest for forcing their daughter into prostitution, police in the southern Italian region of Sicily said on Monday.

Two men aged 63 ...


Let Europe face up to human trafficking in 2018

Europe’s reception of children seeking refuge is particularly shameful

Last year came to an end with horrific images of slave labour markets in Libya, and a further UN Security Council resolution ...


Big hit against sexual exploitation: criminal group dismantled in Spain and Romania

Spanish National Police and the Romanian Police have joined forces, supported by Europol and Eurojust, to dismantle an organised crime group involved in trafficking women for sexual exploitation in ...


Safeguarding victims of human trafficking and smuggling priority for international experts

DOHA, Qatar – International experts in human trafficking and migrant smuggling are calling for expanded cross-sector involvement in order to protect the world’s most vulnerable from the exploitation ...


INTERPOL-led operation rescues 500 victims of human trafficking, leads to 40 arrests

COTONOU, Benin – Nearly 500 victims of human trafficking, including 236 minors, have been rescued following an INTERPOL operation carried out simultaneously across Chad, Mali, Mauritania, Niger and ...


Regional workshop

Within the regional project of the regional justice sector entitled "Strengthening Criminal Law Institutions and the Rule of Law in Central and Eastern Europe", in the period from 24th-26th October, ...


European Resource Center

The 18th High-level Alliance against Trafficking in Persons conference “Everyone Has a Role: How to Make a Difference Together” is taking on 23–24 April 2018, Hofburg, Vienna.

Mrs Amela Efendic, Expert Advisor of IFS-EMMAUS, which is a part of Emmaus International and Emmaus Europe organisation, and CEO of the European Resource Center for Prevention of Trafficking ih Human Beings and Other Forms of Exploitation, participates as a panelist at the conference with the delegation from Bosnia and Herzegovina, led by BiH State Coordinator for the Prevention of Trafficking in Human Beings.

The focus of this year’s high-level conference is to promote the importance of inclusive partnerships to further enhance the coherence of anti-trafficking efforts and strengthen co-operation at the local, national, regional and international level.

The conference will examine existing, more traditional anti-trafficking partnerships, along with the benefits of innovative co-operation modalities which often remain ‘invisible’ in formalized multi-disciplinary frameworks. A special emphasis will also be placed on new actors whose engagement would bring added value to anti-trafficking responses. LIVE STREAM




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